Donate for Radiothon!

WVUM relies on its listeners to help us keep putting quality tunes on the air!

Every donation you make is tax deductible and helps us keep our equipment running.

This week is Radiothon: our annual fundraiser. In exchange for donations, we’ve put together some awesome packages to thank you!

$10 Donation: Record a sweeper that we’ll play on air!

$15 Donation: Get a sweet WVUM tote bag!

$25 Donation: Get our lovely new green WVUM “Keep It Locked” T-shirt!

$35 Donation: Get both the WVUM tote bag and the new T-shirt!

$100 Donation: Curate an hour-long show on the air!

$300 Donation: Call an inning of a Miami Hurricanes home baseball game!

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