Another year of one of the nation’s most vibrant and celebrated art events of the year is finally here. Below are just some of the events that WVUM is pumped about this week (click the titles for links to tickets/more information)


This Week, art is at the forefront of the conversation and it isn’t just at the main gallery at Miami Beach Convention Center.Read More

You/Sonata – Ellen O

This album perfectly captures the feelings of the aimlessness and dull anxiety that hangs over the heads of millions of twentysomethings like a fog. You/Sonata is not the most inaccessible release of the year in terms of style or harmonics, but the songs are arranged in such a way that can come off as a little disorienting.Read More

Host Name – Chris Briggs

Hometown – Raleigh, NC

School Year/Major – Second-year graduate student studying film

Favorite Artists – Merciful Fate, King Diamond, Judas Priest, Possessed

Favorite Films – Phantasm, The Thing, Dracula

About the Shows –


Metal Revolution

Beginning as Midweek Metal Mania in the late eighties, then changing to Metal Revolution in the nineties, and eventually re-emerging in 2011 as The Vice, WVUM’s metal speciality show is now led by second-year graduate student Chris Briggs, once again under the name Metal Revolution. … Read More

English Electronic music producer Mura Masa came to Miami on Friday, November 13. His DJ set was presented by III Points. The crowd at Club Space’s Terrace was small and spacious, but still enjoyable.

Mura Masa’s setlist was eclectic and varied in tempo, genre, and artists.… Read More