Sunday @6pm.

Tonight on RadioActive I will be joined by Sarah Emmons, Director at Radical Partners, and Sabrina Velarde from Miami Homes for All to talk about their recent initiative right here in Miami: 100 Great Ideas for Affordable Housing. Crowd sourcing on social media this initiative engaged members of our community in identifying creative ways to tackle one of the complex issues in our community.… Read More

Sunday November 26th @6pm.

Tune in this Sunday to RadioActive to hear from the National Organizers of the #GradTaxWalkout that is being held on campuses and in communities across the country on November 29th at 1pm (EST). This National Day of Action will bring together graduate students and their allies to bring awareness to the tax reform bill heading to the senate.… Read More

Sunday November 19th @6pm.

On this episode of RadioActive I stopped in Atlanta, Georgia to interview Dr. Dominique Thomas about his recent research on campus racial climate for African American Students. His research looks to better understand the phenomena of racial climate in order to better tackle issues of institutional racism in higher education.… Read More

Sunday November 5th @6pm. 

HAPPY ALUMNI WEEK EVERYONE!! Alumni Radioactive host Mike took back the reigns for one night only (as he not so gracefully topples me from my hosting chair). In his resurgence to grand leader, Mike brings you an interview with Abdelrahman Amr (aka Abde) – an Egyptian communications enthusiast who is passionate about everything startups, entrepreneurship and technology, along with his passion and experience with civil rights in the middle east.… Read More

Sunday @6pm. 

RadioActive has been on tour around Canada and the US for the past four months (with more tour dates to come!). And tonight we are back with a live show right here in Miami. On tonights episode we are having the third sparing match between friends Natalie, Mike, Quintin and Aida where we will continue to normalize ‘talking politics around the dinner table’.… Read More

Sunday October 22nd @6pm

On this episode of RadioActive I bring you the second interview from my tour stop in Waterloo, ON with Dr. Manuel Riemer. Manuel is an Associate Professor in the Community Psychology Department at Wilfrid Laurier University and is the Director of the Centre for Community Research, Learning and Action and the Director of the Community, Environment and Justice Research Group.… Read More

Sunday October 1st @6pm. 

On this episode of RadioActive I took the show on tour to Waterloo, Ontario where I interviewed Dr. Ciann Wilson, Assistant Professor of Community Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University. In this interview Dr. Wilson discussed her recent co-written article: Narratives of resistance: Retelling the story of HIV/AIDS movement – because the lives and legacies of black, indigenous and people of color communities depend on it. Read More