Sunday May 21st @6pm.

Episode Playlist

  • Thunderclap Newman, Something in the Air
  • Nina Simone, Trouble in Mind, and
  • The Floating Men, Roll Down the Windows and Drive

On this episode of RadioActive we served up two brilliant (and ridiculously cool) academic brains who work tirelessly to understand the role of power in creating and maintaining suffering and inequality in our communities and society.… Read More

Sunday May 7th, @6pm

Episode Playlist

  • State Radio: Camilo
  • Bad Religion: The Empire Strikes First

On this episode of RadioActive I was joined by a fan favourite Camilo Mejia, an anti-war activist and Iraq war deserter, to discuss his his work with Veterans for Peace and the Iraq Veterans Against the War and his role in the anti-war movement during and after the Iraq war.… Read More

Sunday April 30th @6pm.

On this episode of RadioActive I was joined by Dr. Ashmeet Oberoi, a faculty member from the School of Education and Human Development at the University of Miami. Dr. Oberoi studies the school experience (both as it relates to well-being and academic achievement) of Muslim and immigrant youth who are ‘othered’ within the American school systems.… Read More

Sunday April 9th @6pm.

Episode Playlist 

  • Letter to the Free by Common

On this episode of RadioActive I was joined by Jaimelee Behrendt-Mihalski and Dr. Jill McLeigh from the Global Alliance for Behavioral Health and Social Justice. During our hour together Jill and Jaimlee walked us through their work on a policy analysis that is looking to understand the policies that have been enacted at the national level that impact mass incarceration at the intersections with behavioural and mental health.… Read More



On this episode of Reaction Replay, I was able to have the opportunity to talk to the incredible Phil Lamarr about his career, the state of the current voice actors’ strike, and his upcoming projects!

It was a fantastic conversation about the state of the industry that will hopefully be eye-opening for anyone curious about the current state of the video game industry!… Read More