Back when the best meme around was Bad Luck Brian, who would have thought memes would evolve to the point they are now in 2017. Memes have become an art, a kill, a form of social currency. At least every two weeks a new one popped up to take over social media, so here are just a few of our favorites.

Nothing But Respect for MY President

The Hollywood Walk of Fame was probably sooo clean this summer

Roll Safe

The best worst advice.

Distracted Boyfriend

Keep your mans on a tight leash ladies.

Oh no baby what is you doing???

Some of these were actually too real.

Redbone Remixed

And some of these required actual sound design skills what are these people doing on Twitter, market your skills!

First of all,

Be wary when you jump to conclusions


Bella Hadid Talks Ab0ut Shoes

Take notes, homeboy.

The Real Anthem

The controversy over football player kneeling for the national anthem brought tons of headaches, but also this meme.

The Floor is

Who knew the “the floor is lava” game would follow us into adulthood.

Mocking Spongebob

This meme, while hilarious, was so overdone.

tHiS mEMe WhiLE hIlaRIous–


Considering Migos recently cast look-alikes for Akademiks, Nadeska and Joe Budden for a music video, it’s safe to say the everyday struggle team will never live this moment down.





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