by Jordan Abrams

Fashion is 2017 has become so simple, yet so exclusive. I’ve noticed that the most popular items in the fashion world have been so straight to the point this year, that they almost seem so obvious. Most importantly, these ideas in fashion seem one of a kind and exclusive. Some of my favorite collabs have been Unskilled Worker x Gucci, Colette x Chanel, Nike x Off-White, Pharrell x Adidas, and JW Anderson x Uniqlo. Gucci always has an elaborate design for your dollar, yet Off-White is just a small addition to a Nike shoe. Colette and Chanel also compliment each other so nicely that it seemed like an obvious match. JW Anderson and Unqilo is a fun matchup because it samples a high-end luxury brand with a department store found in any mall. It hits all ends of the spectrum. Lastly, Pharrell, the fashion KING, uses color and simple words to convey peace and love. My ultimate pick: always Pharell.

Unskilled Worker x Gucci

Off-White x Nike

Pharrell x Adidas

JW Anderson x Uniqlo

Colette x Chanel

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