Los Angeles based Bad Suns hit Culture Room this past Saturday for their Love Like Revenge Tour.

The crowd was already hyped before Bad Suns even took the stage and that energy went through the roof as they opened with their title track “Disappear Here”. I am a firm believer that the crowd can make or break a show and the crowd definitely made it. Everyone was having a great time and dancing in the two-inch circumference around them. The vibe was contagious and you couldn’t help but jam along to the sunshine-drenched music.

Notable moments included when lead singer Christo Bowman had the crowd hold him up as he stepped off the stage. This added a cramped and personal feel to the show as everyone rushed to the front to get close to him. They also performed my personal favorite track of theirs “20 Years”, which was on their¬†Transpose EP and did not make either album. The band’s recently released single, “This Was a Home Once” resonated with me as it perfectly describes the changes that occur when you go home after an extended period of time and everything around you has changed.

After the show, I briefly chatted with the band’s lead singer and drummer, Christo Bowman and Miles Morris, and they were incredibly humbled to be back in South Florida. It was refreshing¬†to see the hard work they have put in to play the same venue I saw them open for The 1975 more than three years ago.

Bad Suns are a force to be reckoned with and I highly recommend listening to their music and/or making it out to a future show!

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