Friday night at Hangar meant we were in store for another great night at the inaugural 3 Days in Miami. Friday night was a change in pace in the genre of music, considering the night before was A$AP Ferg and Jazz Cartier. Tonight twisted into more of an electronic/DJ night, which included the local hero, Nick Leon, the Canadian brother & sister duo, Tennyson, and the quickly rising DJ/producer, Cashmere Cat. The night was curated by Miami’s premier underground electronic music festival, iiiPoints.


What gets better than opening for Cashmere Cat in your hometown? Nick León, the SoFlo DJ/Producer, took on his crowd with pure excitement. Nick eased everyone into the night by setting the mood and having everyone get loose with their dance moves. His 45-minute set was “bumpin'” and captured how his extensive history of producing and performing has only gotten better.

After Nick León’s set, Tennyson took the stage. Tennyson is not your average DJ duo. They reign from Canada and even noted how hot it is all the way down here in Miami. Luke and Tess (Tennyson) are brother and sister, and perform all of their songs with a microphone and piano, and a drum kit respectively. The funky, bubble gum tunes had everyone on their toes, cheering for more. Tennyson couldn’t have been more grateful for the warm welcoming and loud cheers, so they thanked the crowd after each and every song. To complete the set, the artist interacted with the crowd during the song ‘Tomato Land,’ little tomato pillows were tossed out into the loving crowd.

Once the clock struck midnight, the lights darkened and the beginning of Kanye West’s ‘Wolves’ began to play. Cashmere Cat, who produced that song along with a few others for Mr. West, took joy in playing the eerie introduction to the song. He soon blended it into some of his famous songs like ‘Mirror Maru’ and ‘Kiss Kiss.’ But that wasn’t all. Cashmere Cat kept the crowd alive by fueling more ‘bangers’ into his set. These banging beats were almost like interludes between his bigger songs and works with artists like Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, and Kanye West. Personally, my favorite part of the night is when Cashmere Cat remixed ‘Waves’ by Kanye West.

3 Days in Miami, well yes, has one more day to conclude its first year. Tomorrow night AlunaGeorge, one of the hottest acts of the year, closes out the weekend here in Miami. Don’t forget to be on the look out for Cashmere Cat’s debut album, Wild Love, which will be released this year.


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