Today’s show focused on the human immune system, the body’s defense mechanism against foreign disease-causing agents, or pathogens.  We started with a discussion of the structure of human immunity, dividing it into innate, humoral, and cell-mediated immunity.  We followed this with a discussion of recent highlights in immunological research, including the discovery of the mechanism behind Dengue Virus infection and the immune response for Listeria.  … Read More


Miami’s music scene got an 80s-style shot in the arm last night after New Order delievered a sold-out show to the crowd at Filmore Miami Beach. This venue routinely bills big acts (Animal Collective recently announced a show there in November), but the crowd this time around made the show truly special.… Read More

Last year, we were all shocked to find out that that there was a brand new festival happening right on the foot of the Okeechobee River with a striking line-up. The inspiration for this festival began through what any good festival starts up with: the festival grounds.… Read More

This year, I was able to attend the 11th annual Jazz in the Gardens Festival and I had a blast.

The lineup for saturday included:

Cristyle Renae

Ronnie VOP

April Raquel & Kouture Funk

Najee, Alex Bugnon, & Regina Belle

Average White Band

Michael McDonald

Kool & The Gang

Charlie Wilson


I was able to watch Ronnie VOP and April Raquel perform of the local artists.… Read More

Massive Ideas threw the inaugural Fractal Beach from March 11th-13th at Historic Virginia Key Park.


Fractal Beach was an intimate affair, as it took no longer than a minute to reach the stage area from the campsites. Despite some first-year hiccups related to the cancelation of late-night sets, good vibes prevailed throughout the weekend.… Read More

Campus has been buzzing during all of spring break as the everyone prepared for the GOP Debate that took place on Thursday, March 10th. While CNN and other news channels covered politics, UM students milled about, trying to get their faces on TV, volunteering for with the media, or speaking out in the rallies for Black Lives Matter, Fight for 15 and for clean energy.… Read More

By Nick Sirio

Nick tells us about his spring break experience – conquering two South Florida festivals, Okeechobee Festival, just south of Orlando, and Fractal Beach on Virginia Key in Miami.


(Incendia Stage at Fractal Beach [above] and the Nag Champayons at the Moksha Stage of Okeechobee [below])


UM’s spring break was sandwiched by two new Florida music festivals.… Read More

Last August, the University of Miami welcomed its 6th President, President Julio Frenk. And now, 8 months into his tenure, WVUM welcomed President Frenk into our studio! During our special Monday night episode of RadioActive, hosted by Natalie Kivell, we heard from President Frenk on his vision for the future of UM based on his 100 days of listening.… Read More